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okay, lovelies! i know i still have asks and things left but i have to wake up in a little over five hours and i still have to clean and wash clothes and… yeah. i’ll be back on tomorrow before my second job, though! i love you all so much! thanks for hanging out with me tonight :) 

omg i’m gaining followers from my cover and that just makes me feel so honored like wow you followed me because i sang something… like… that’s the coolest thing in the world. 

kaydeebakes: Omg I love your random Hey Jude cover. I'm dying

aww, thanks so much! it was actually sorta scary to post because I literally looked up the chords for the song and grabbed my guitar and mic and like hit record and did it and saved it and posted it and yeah definitely scary because it was seriously very unplanned lol 

Anonymous: What's your favorite race in LOTR?

The race of men! I love elves, too, but… the race of men are definitely my favorite :)

dadsonahuntingtripwithsherlock: YOU SING SO WELL OMG OMG OMG


     Hey Jude — Jessica Joy
Hey Jude - The Beatles

An anon asked me to do something quick and easy tonight. This is a very first take of the song with no prior practice (and I’m awful at guitar so it’s extremely simple). Absolutely no effects were used and all mistakes were left unfixed. Hope it’s okay!

live / one take / no effects

Anonymous: i just wanna hear you sing something so bad right now can you cover smoething with guitar or something easy and post it

aww, i’ll try! i have to go to bed in an hour or so because i’m waking up at 5 for work (i work two jobs tomorrow) but i’ll try to do something! 

i can’t find my pick and i haven’t played guitar in like three months so it’ll be rough but i’ll do something really laid back if i can manage it! :) 

i apologize in advance if i can’t get something posted!

Anonymous: *SING PART OF IT whoops sorry

lol I got what you meant! 


Daniel Radcliffe's acceptance speech for the Man of the Year Glamour Award, 2013. (x)

Anonymous: you should totally play an ask game where people just name a song and you a short part of it and post the clip